Woman snaps smiling selfie while sister gives birth


EL PASO, Texas – Instead of offering comfort during the "joy" of childbirth, a woman decided it would be much funnier to snap a smiling selfie with her suffering in-labor sister in the background.

Good choice.

As her sister Kimberly was waiting to give birth to her first child in an El Paso hospital, Kat Armendariz whipped out her phone and took the picture, posting it to social media with an off-color remark.

'SELFIE! While my sister is about to shove a baby out her vag!', Armendariz, who is a mother of five, wrote.

Armendariz might have been just as crazed as her sister considering it was 3:15 a.m. and Kimberly was in labor for 15 hours.

The pain and humiliation was all worth it as baby Zayden was born happy and healthy on June 29.

Ramirez told The Today Show that the photo actually helped ease the pain of childbirth.

SELFIE! While my sister is about to shove a baby out her vag!