Couple in their 90s featured in NYTimes' Wedding section

For this couple, age is but a number


MIAMI – Gertrude "Gert" Mokotoff is 98 years old. Alvin Mann is 94 years old. She is a retired biology professor and former politician. He is a World War II veteran and retired entrepreneur.

They met at the gym about eight years ago. After the former Palm Beach State College and Florida Atlantic University student earned a bachelor's degree in history in New York last year, she asked him to marry her. 

They wed Aug. 5. The New York Times met with the couple and published their story on their Weddings' section.

She will be turning 99 Aug. 20. For Mann age is but a number. He is deeply in love. As he took Mokottoff's hand, he told the NYTimes reporter that nothing was going to change now that they were married. 

"From here on out, it's just the two of us," he said. "Together, for the remaining days of our lives."


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