Florida-born man uses social media to search for sister


MIAMI – A man who was born in Florida and adopted by another family is looking for the sister who probably has no idea he exists.

David Hunter Jones, 33, is using social media to help find his full biological sister who he has never met.

In his Facebook post, Jones says he was born on Dec. 24, 1984 as Baby Boy Dowding in Pinellas County. He says his sister was likely named Baby Girl Dowding at birth.

"You have a brother and biological father who would very much love to meet you!" writes Hunter.

According to WTVT, Hunter now lives in Bull Shoals, Alabama and found his biological father after the birth of his own son and he knew nothing about his family history.

Hunter is asking people to share his Facebook post in the hopes that he will find his sister. Those with any information or questions can contact David at davidhunterjones83@gmail.com.