First-born kids smarter, second-born likely to cause trouble, studies show

(Associated Press)

MIAMI – Oh, brother. Or sister. No matter, when it comes to who's smarter, a new study claims first-born children have the brains in the family.

But don't worry, siblings. Another study shows those born after the first are more likley to cause trouble.

The University of Edinburgh's study claims those born first not only have higher IQ's than their siblings, but also have more enhanced thinking skills, KUTV reports.

Not only that, but first-born children receive more mental stimulation than those kids that come after their arrival.

But don't fret, less-intelligent siblings, there's some "news" for you. Dr. Joseph Doyle says in his study that second-born children, especially boys, are up to 40 percent more likely to get into serious trouble at school or with the law.

Maybe the second-born can hire the first-born to get them out of jail?