Mother wins $170,000 in child support for daughter, 52, from deadbeat dad


SAN DIEGO, Calif. – A woman whose husband abandoned her and their young daughter nearly 50 years is getting the last laugh... again.

Toni Anderson's husband became a "deadbeat dad" in the early 1970s when he fled to Canada instead of sticking around to pay child support.

In the ensuing years, Anderson worked hard to raise her daughter on her own. She was able to send her daughter to college after becoming an interior decorator.

But when she learned her ex-husband had moved to Oregon, she went after him for the child support for her now 52-year-old daughter that he failed to pay all those years.

"I realized in the middle of the night one night last year, 'Hey, there's no statute of limitations on child support.'" Anderson told KGTV.

However, due to all the time that had passed, Anderson was seeking a lot more than what she would have received when her ex abandoned the mother and child.

Anderson was originally supposed to get $30,000, but with 10 percent accrued interest, she was asking for more than $170,000.

"He was only supposed to give me like a 160 dollars a month. Well, that was 50 years ago. That today is a lot more money," said Anderson.

Anderson said her ex-husband became a "bit panicked" when he learned about the lawsuit, but he later agreed to a settlement of $150,000.

"I'm very happy because I was panicked all these years. Now, it's his turn."