Parents have less sex when kids are on summer break, survey shows


MIAMI – Kids may count the seconds until the start of summer break, but for parents it's a completely different story.

A new survey by Groupon shows that 70 percent of parents get stressed out about the summer and planning things for their children to do during their time off from school.

And while mom and dad work on activities for the kids, they're finding less time for more adult activities for themselves.

The survey shows parents have 25 percent less sex with their partner when the kids are on summer break.

Now children know why some parents want a year-round school schedule.

Not surprisingly, 56 percent of parents are ready for their kids to go back to school after just one week of summer break. In fact, some parents say they'd rather file taxes, stand in line at the DMV or get yelled at by their boss than plan their kids' summer break.