Mom opens 'job fair' at home to teach kids about earning allowance

(Shaketha Marion McGregor / Facebook)

DUBLIN, Ga. – A mother opened a job fair in her own home, but it wasn't for anyone other than her young children to them about the importance of earning their keep.

Shaketha Marion McGregor had enough after her kids, Jahkeem, Takeia and Serinity asked for allowance to buy cellphones and other material items.

So instead of saying no, the single mom had a surprise waiting for them when they returned home from school a few weeks ago.

Among the listings at McGregor's job fair were openings for Kitchen Manager, Lead Housekeeper and Laundry Supervisor.

“If you want it, work for it, earn it!” she wrote on Facebook.

A later post showed Jahkeem, 13, and Serinity, 6, applied for the housekeeping position, with Takeia, 10, looking to land the laundry supervisor job.

“I was thinking, that there’s a way we can all get what we want." McGregor told Yahoo. "There needed to be more housework done at home and they wanted money,” . “It’d be perfect for them to work for the things that they really want.”