Young Miami rapper has sights set on superstardom

Pint-sized rapper Darriel Cannon aka Fat Cat, might be small, but he has big dreams!

MIAMI, Fla. – He’s small in stature, but his lyrics are larger-than-life.

Darriel Cannon, aka Fat Cat, might only be 10-years-young, but he is wise beyond measure. His upbeat music makes you feel good while delivering a positive message. “I make music to send messages to people to stop bullying, stop shooting up people, stop robbing stores, and stuff like that,” says Cannon. Although Fat Cat’s dream is becoming a successful rapper, the young man has his eyes on the prize. “I just have to keep good grades so I can be anything I want and live any life I want.” On top of being in gifted classes, the 5th grader also excels in dance and football.

His first single, “Watch Me,” is a catchy, upbeat dance song about meeting a girl and going to the mall. Shot on Miami Beach’s iconic Ocean Dr., the music video features Fat Cat surrounded by his closest friends and football teammates.

We’ll be watching you, Fat Cat!

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