The Baked Bear opens at Sawgrass Mills

The west coast king of ice cream sandwiches comes to South Florida.

SUNRISE, Fla. – You’ll never look at ice cream sandwiches the same way once you try these.

The Baked Bear, a San Diego ice cream sandwich shop, opened its doors at Sawgrass Mills across from the Cheesecake Factory.

Think of The Baked Bear as the Build-A-Bear of ice cream sandwiches.

First, pick what you want to hold your ice cream sandwich together. You can choose from all different flavors of cookies to brownies. Next, you choose from over a dozen original-recipe cookies and ice cream flavors. Guests can mix and match to find their favorite combination. When finished, you can have your ice cream sandwich rolled in various toppings, from Fruity Pebbles to Oreo crumble. If you’d like, you can have your ice cream sandwiched warmed up on a press and make the outside cookie or brownie warm and gooey.

These are the most Instagram-worthy ice cream sandwiches on the planet.

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