South Florida teacher surprises students who are away from school due to COVID-19.

The student’s reactions in the viral video is priceless!

Video shows students priceless reaction. (WPLG)

Cooper City, FLA. – One teacher in Broward County went the extra mile to put a smile on her student’s faces during this time of social distancing.

On Saturday, Elisabeth Suess-oliva, a teacher at Beth Emet Childhood Center in Cooper City, drove to each of her student’s homes to brighten their day.

Holding a bright orange sign that read “I miss you,” Elisabeth, offered up some words of encouragement for her two & three-year-old students, letting them know that she can’t wait to see them again soon.

The nineteen-year teacher tells Local 10 that her students are young, but they know what's going on with the coronavirus, and she wanted to let them know that they are all in this together.

"It's been so tough being away from my kids," says Suess. "They are my family. We spend more time together than we do with our own families at home. I was worried that they were feeling the pain and sadness that I'm feeling, so I just wanted to brighten their day."

It took Elisabeth a total of 6 hours to visit all the students. The teacher plans on making another surprise stop next week, leaving a little special something for each kid while they are away from school!

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