Frontier advertises $11 flights -- with a catch, but it still might be just the deal you’re looking for

A Frontier Airlines plane sits on the tarmac.
A Frontier Airlines plane sits on the tarmac. (2008 Getty Images)

It’s a strange time to be flying and visiting the airports, but life can’t just stop, regardless of what’s happening with the coronavirus pandemic -- and for some, travel is still essential.

Frontier Airlines wants to help.

“If you have somewhere essential to be, we are making this easier with all of our Discount Den club fares for only a penny plus taxes and fees through May 7,” Frontier’s website said. “That means fares at only $11 ($.01 + taxes and fees). All days, all nonstop, domestic routes.”

Notice that date: May 7 is Thursday, so if you have somewhere you know you’ll need to be, you better book before it’s too late!

These fares are valid for nonstop domestic travel to and from the U.S., including Puerto Rico. The fares are also one-way. It appears that in most cases, you’ll have to pay extra for things like baggage and advance seat assignments.

Wondering about that “catch” we mentioned earlier?

Fares are valid for Discount Den members only.

The Discount Den is kind of like a subscription -- and if you join, for $59.99 a year, it’ll give you access to low fares and other Frontier perks. Learn more.

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