This tiny reporter’s adorable report on baby ‘birdies’ will make you melt

With so much going on in the world, sometimes we just need a hard-hitting report about birds

William Caldera
William Caldera (KSAT photo/ksat.com)

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When a photojournalist and his son found a bird’s nest with five eggs in their backyard, they set up a livestream to follow the action.

The livestream was posted on KSAT.com, and San Antonio photojournalist Bill Caldera and his son, William, really got into it.

When the baby birds eventually left the nest, William (the adorable face you see above) did some reporting from the family’s backyard -- and it is incredibly cute.

Here’s the full report from William, below:

William actually helped to keep viewers informed along the baby birds’ journey, but his report from May -- he even got all dressed up! -- is one you cannot miss (above).

Describing the hatchlings, he says, “At first, they were kind of ugly. They had big, bulging eyeballs and bright yellow beaks! They slept and slept.”

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