This checklist will help ensure you have everything prepared for filing this tax season

A couple looks over a checklist. (Photo by Ketut Subiyanto from Pexels.)

Regardless of whether you’ve paid someone for help or tried to do it on your own, even just gathering all the data you need for filing your federal income taxes can seem daunting.

Especially as it pertains to deductions, we often may overlook items that can be added to our returns.

And who wants to be scrambling to find paperwork when your CPA calls for more information, or when you’re really starting to get a flow on doing the job yourself?

That’s time consuming, frustrating, and it can just lead to delaying having your taxes filed and a refund on its way.

Pick a day and time later today, this week or next week and take this handy list along on your mission to gather everything you’ll need. Trust us, you’ll be so glad you did.

About the Author:

Dawn Jorgenson, Graham Media Group Branded Content Managing Editor, began working with the group in April 2013. She graduated from Texas State University with a degree in electronic media.