Local 10′s favorite Disney memories | PHOTOS


As Walt Disney World celebrates its 50th anniversary, we wanted to share our most magical Disney memories with you.

Scroll below to check out photos of our Local 10 News family at Disney — some from recent years and others from way back!

Local 10 News Anchor Nicole Perez says she was about 2 years old in this picture with her dad. (WPLG)
Local 10 News Investigative Reporter Jeff Weinsier hangs out with Winnie-the-Pooh in 1973. (WPLG)
Local 10 News Anchor Louis Aguirre and his sister Michelle visited during the inaugural year of Walt Disney World. He was 6 in this photo taken in April 1972. (WPLG)
Local 10 Anchor Kristi Krueger visits the Magic Kingdom in 1976 with her friend Mary "I'm rocking that cool short hair cut and fashionable crop top!" (WPLG)
Local 10 News Producer Michelle Lacamoire, Anchor Jenise Fernandez and Reporter Saira Anwer celebrated at the Magic Kingdom after they got vaccinated earlier this year. (WPLG)
Local 10 Reporter Andrew Perez hams it up with Chef Goofy. (WPLG)
Local 10 News Reporter Christina Vazquez attends Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween event at Magic Kingdom in October 2019 with her daughter Mina Boomer. (WPLG)
Local 10 Meteorologist Luke Dorris visits Epcot with his friend Alex Higgins. "We take our fun very seriously!" (WPLG)
Local 10 Photojournalist Frank DeBesa at Epcot with his sons Frank Jr. and Nicolas five years ago. (WPLG)
Local 10 Director Chris Haggerty and his family celebrate his wife Cecilia's 40th birthday in 2010. Cecilia and son Zachary are in the front row, with Chris and son Sebastián in the middle row. (WPLG)
Local 10 Digital Executive Producer David Selig poses with Mickey at a slightly younger age. (WPLG)
Local 10 Web Editor Dave Dwork visits the Magic Kingdom with his wife Jaime and son Tyler in September 2021. (WPLG)
Local 10 Digital Technology Director Andrés Rodríguez with his cousin Andrea who finally convinced him to take her to Disney in 2018. "She was a fan, I was skeptical. We both had an amazing magical day!" (WPLG)
Local 10 Photojournalists Bob Palumbo, Wade Hughes and Engineer Randy Carpenter are pictured as part of a recent group trip to Disney. (WPLG)
Local 10 Assignment Editor Aura Martinez visited Epcot in April to celebrate her best friend's graduation from FIU. (WPLG)
Baloo is telling Local 10 Washington Bureau Chief Ben Kennedy about the "bear necessaries of life" at Disney World. (WPLG)
Local 10 Senior Executive Producer Chris Schenk and Myriam Martinez take Samantha Martinez on her first trip to the Magic Kingdom in September 2020. (WPLG)
Local 10 News Producer Yvette Jon and her Star Wars-loving husband finally got to visit Galaxy’s Edge last week during a family trip. "We lost our voices screaming during our first experience on the Smuggler’s Run ride. So much fun." (WPLG)
Local 10 News Producer Yarden Ben-David hanging out with Mickey back in 2003 when he was 5 years old. (WPLG)
Local 10 Executive News Producer Elsa Bolt celebrates her mom’s 69th birthday at Disney World in 2017. "Cherished memories will always be with us." (WPLG)
Local 10 Washington Bureau Photojournalist Dani Bolf visits Disney with her family from Brazil. "It was the first time my parents saw Mickey. It was a wonderful memory. So fun!" (WPLG)
Local 10 News Special Projects Producer Kathleen Corso poses with her brothers, nephews and in-laws. “Even rain couldn’t dampen this Disney Day.” (WPLG)
Local 10 Assignment Editor Guadalupe Monarrez took a family trip to the Magic Kingdom in May 2014. She's pictured with her brother and sister, with her mom behind the lens. "We still talk about this trip and these pictures." (WPLG)
Local 10 Photojournalist Lani Yasuk-Carrier with her family in 1972 in front of the 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea at Magic Kingdom. (She's in the middle.) (WPLG)
Local 10 News Editor Alejandra Barrios in 2018 with her sister and their babies at Magic Kingdom. "Going to Disney with our children for the first time was magical." (WPLG)
Local 10 News Director Megan Perdomo remembers her little sister Mia meeting Mickey and Minnie for the first time. "She was very nervous, but was so happy to meet them and snap a picture with them." (WPLG)
Local 10 News Photojournalist Brian Ely shares a photo of his son Brody at Disney in 2017. (WPLG)
Local 10 News Anchor Alexis Frazier at Disney in the '90s. "My godmother took me on this trip. And I can’t wait to recreate this picture." (WPLG)
Local 10 News Producer Vanessa Espinel at 4 years old. (WPLG)
Local 10 News Reporter Andrea Martinez at Disney with her dad in 1992. "Scared of one of the chipmunk brothers!" (WPLG)
Local 10 Executive News Producer Lisa Hendry (left) visits Disney with her sister in 1974. "Say cheese? Somebody please tell these kids they're at 'The Happiest Place on Earth!'" (WPLG)