Magic Mike Live makes 6-month stop in Miami

Magic Mike Live is making it rain men in Miami.

MIAMI – Magic Mike Live is making it rain men in Miami.

After performing sold out show in Las Vegas, the experience has stopped here.

“The movie is one thing, but it’s nothing better than being live in the flesh,” Emcee Crystal Powell said.

Channing Tatum’s Magic Mike Live has set up shop at Marine Stadium for the next six months.

“This show is, like, one-of-a-kind -- you’ve never seen anything like this,” dancer Davis Rahal said.

Performers are turning up the heat in Miami during the 90-minute show with acrobatic and musical talent.

The fellas and ladies will also be performing heart-racing dance routines in front of, above and all around you.

“When you’re in this show, you’re surrounded by dancers, aerialists, top notch comedians. You’re immersed in it,” Rahal said.

“The show is as interactive as you want it to be,” added executive producer Vincent Marini. “So if you come to the show and want it to be interactive, it certainly can be, but if you want to sit back and watch and watch your friends have a good time, you can do that too.”

Making women feel empowered is one of the main things creators say they want women to leave with.

They have two female emcees who make it easy to free your magic.

“I will be allowing all of the women to feel comfortable, empowered, feel like they have a safe space to think out all of their wildest experiences and fantasies and being OK with saying yassssss!” Powell said.

They’re also making it rain in more ways than one on stage and with your welcome money.

But you don’t have to throw your real money. They’re handing out fake money to elevate the experience.

When you get to your seat, your welcome money will be there ready to greet you, so you can show your appreciation without spending any cash.

“You can throw as many as you want. You can throw the whole stack,” Rahal said.

There’s not a bad seat in the house. There are 600 seating options inside the custom multi-story space.

You can also hang out in the indoor-outdoor lounge area, and possibly meet the men behind the magic.

“What’s great about this show is even if you loved the movie, you’ll recognize the characters, the songs, but the messaging is very empowering, and it’s really sort of a new kind of female entertainment,” Marini said.

They also built a pop-up restaurant next door to the venue and added some Latin flare to the Miami shows with new music and dance numbers.

The first show was Thursday night, but they’ll be here for six months.

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