Special Broward County school uses animals to teach students about life

Camp Lingua also offers summer camp program

SOUTHWEST RANCHES, Fla. – Spring break is just a few days away already, which means the summer season is right around the corner.

As you start to plan for your children’s time off, this is when you start picking out summer camps and one special camp is using animals to teach little ones about life.

Camp Lingua is nestled into Southwest Ranches and its goal is to teach children about life and the world, and build their brains by training them in the animal world.

“I love holding bunnies and seeing them. It’s just so fun!” third grader Leia Beilais told Local 10 News.

Some kids go there for a few special days or a week during spring break -- maybe longer for summer camp and some actually go to school there.

Kelly Green has been teaching there for four years where this unique philosophy of using animals and gardens for education blossoms in and out of the classroom.

“It’s a really special school, obviously because of the facility -- it’s just beautiful, we have the animals and then our approach to learning is a very hands-on approach to learning,” she said.

This school is taking it back old school, teaching kids the basics of a farm, getting the kids off of their phones and into the great outdoors with animals.

“I think this farm is a really great place to be on for a school,” fifth grader Sebastian Berkman said. “You have so much to do and there’s so many animals and things you can do.”

Set up like an old western town, the kids don’t just observe, but they get dirty too.

Cleaning the stables, gathering eggs from the chicken coop and feeding their furry friends is all part of the curriculum these students would never experience in a traditional classroom.

“We feed them and we work in the garden and we will plant some stuff,” third grader Saxan Hogan said.

“We fit in so many fun activities to our learning,” Leia added.

If you would like to check out Camp Lingua for your child, visit www.camplingua.com.

Camp Lingua plans to open another bigger school in West Palm Beach.

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