Tribute to Teachers: Dale Beames teaches a tough subject but his style makes physics a breeze

COCONUT CREEK, Fla. – Do you remember anything about high school physics? Years from now, students at Atlantic Technical College and Technical High School may forget concepts such as quantum theory and entropy, but they will remember one of Local 10′s Tribute to Teachers honorees.

Dale Beames is much more than a high school physics teacher. He’s known for his sense of humor and his quick wit.

“I am sure that whoever nominated me for this, I’ll get even with them,” he says with a laugh.

We’re quick to spill the beans and invite his colleague and math teacher Hallema Collier.

And even though it is his day, Beames says she is the finest math teacher he’s ever met.

“And for someone like that to nominate myself, it’s an honor.”

In spite of 43 years teaching a complicated subject, and many accolades the way, Beames is known for his humility.

Collier said it is about time her fellow teacher was recognized.

“I’ve been waiting for this moment to recognize Mr. Beames.  He’s the type of teacher that gives 100 percent every day. He’s a Renaissance man.  He knows all things, but most importantly, he has compassion” she said.

And not only for his students but for the staff at the school, according to Collier.

A few years ago when the school’s calculus teacher was diagnosed with cancer, Beames, a father of two, welcomed the woman into his home and took her to her chemotherapy treatments. Unfortunately, she passed way.

“He’s a one-of-kind teacher because you don’t find teachers like him,” said Delrich Philemon.

Stephanie Caravajal said: Physics is not my strong suit, but I will need it in the future since I am pursuing aviation, so it’s really helpful. He makes me understand everything. He’s a really good teacher.”

And the timing couldn’t be better. We learned that Mr. Beams is retiring at the end of the school year to spread joy in the next chapter of his life.

And always joking, after he was presented with $1,000 in gift cards from Publix, he said: “You all out there, my students, you’ll get like 10 bucks of this!”

About the Author:

Mayte Padron Cordones is an Emmy-award winning journalist and the director of WPLG's Community Relations Department, overseeing the station's outreach initiatives to benefit and strengthen the South Florida community.