LISTEN & SUBSCRIBE: The Florida Files explores the disappearance of Adam Walsh

Thirty-seven years ago this July, one of South Florida's most notorious crimes took place.

It was a typical summer day in July when Adam Walsh disappeared from the Sears department store inside the old Hollywood Mall.

Police and volunteers searched near and far in the hopes of finding the 6-year-old boy alive, but it was ultimately two unsuspecting fishermen who came across the child's head in a canal about 130 miles north of where he vanished.

Local 10's "Florida Files" brings listeners tales of mystery, whodunits and what-in-the-world exploits, exploring intriguing real-life stories through the people who lived through them. It's a step-by-step in the who, what, where and why of South Florida's most captivating stories.

The debut "Florida Files" podcast will center on the disappearance of Adam Walsh and what took place in the frantic two-week search for the boy. Local 10 will explore the different theories about what happened to Adam, what led police to their primary suspect and why it took nearly two decades to close the case.