Episode Three: Aftermath of bloodiest day in FBI history

FBI agent credited with taking out killers recalls fateful day

A body is carried away on a stretcher by federal authorities after a shootout that left two FBI agents and two robbery suspects dead.

After the dominoes fall on April 11, 1986, there are puzzle pieces to put together. In the days after the bloodiest shootout in FBI history, there are questions.  Many. Like who are these two killers? They didn't have lengthy criminal rap sheets and their names weren't even known until after they lay sprawled out on a southwest Miami-Dade County residential street, bloodied and dead.

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Then-Eyewitness News reporter John Scott reports from the scene the night of the shooting. 

"As for the two suspects who died, police and the FBI are releasing very little," Scott says. "We know their names, Michael Lee Platt and William Matix. They have no arrest records locally we're told, but police believe they will be able to link the men to other crimes." 

Miami-Dade Police Department Sgt. Tony Monheim is the lead investigator on the case. 

"Of course, we suspect them in a variety of things," he says. "If they're this violent, of course, they will probably be involved other criminal activity. But, as I said, it's only our suspicion. We haven't confirmed anything other than the vehicle was used in a bank robbery and it was taken in an attempted murder."