ABC’s ‘20/20′ Anna Nicole Smith special, but first The Florida Files podcast

In a repeat of an ABC special “20/20,” the news program looks at Hollywood icon and Playboy model Anna Nicole Smith through the eyes of her daughter Dannielynn and her father and Smith’s former partner Larry Birkhead.

The repeat airs Friday, Aug. 12 at 9 p.m.

The Life and Death of Anna Nicole Smith is the subject of an exhaustive six part podcast series of Local 10′s The Florida Files, “Death of a Bombshell.”

Go with The Florida Files as host, producer and reporter Michelle Solomon goes to the Bahamas and visits the graves of Anna Nicole and her son, Danny.

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Plus, hear from the people who lived through Anna Nicole’s death at the Hollywood Hard Rock Casino and hear from Larry Birkhead, plus Anna Nicole Smith’s sister about growing up with Anna. And the famous judge in the case, Larry Seidlin.

Local 10′s The Florida Files is South Florida’s true-crime podcast, which takes listeners step by step through the most notorious events.