Get your 'Grillocracy' on this weekend

'Grilling Guru' wants you to experiment with his secrets revealed


MIAMI – Clint Cantwell was the winner of the Travel Channel's "American Grilled Memphis."

As a recipe developer, the self-proclaimed "Grilling Guru" edits a website that he says is "devoted to spreading the gospel of live fire grilling with recipes."

His latest two "Grillocracy" hits: "The Candied Bacon Cinnamon Roll Burger" and "The Smoked Herb Stuffed Pork Butt." Local 10 News approves.

"With the start of Spring comes warmer temperatures and longer days, the perfect combination for those looking to fire up their backyard smokers and grills," Cantwell said on his website's "5 Tips for Starting Grilling Season Off Right."

Cantwell has guides for grilling beef, poultry, pork, seafood, lamb, fruits and vegetables. He also has tips on grilling desserts, appetizers and side dishes.

And if you need help with grilling rubs, sauces and marinades, he can help too. He has recipes for "Peppercorn Cream," a "Mint Pesto Sauce," a "Caramelized Onion BBQ Sauce" and more.

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