Chef Michelle Bernstein shares holiday 2016 recipes

Don't struggle on your own in the kitchen? SoFlo Taste has your back

MIAMI – Chef Michelle Bernstein devoted three of her Saturday morning SoFlo Taste shows to some of her favorite holiday recipes.

Our James Beard Foundation Award-winning chef shared Christmas Day Brunch recipes -- Warm Lobster Salad, Truffle Poached Eggs and Spiced Pumpkin Bisque -- this morning.

She tackled holiday cookies with the help of two boys -- Jack Furman and Tyler Zager, whom you may remember from the Food Network's Kids BBQ Championship.

Tyler shared his grandmother's sugar cookies recipe. Jack shared his grandmother's triple chip cookies recipe. And Bernstein shared her rum raising oatmeal cookies recipe

During the "Holiday Nexus" show, Bernstein served her version of three holiday classics: Beet Latkes, Standing Rib Roast and Tamales.

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