Pizza ice cream is a real thing, just in time for summer


PHILADELPHIA – Move over, Edison.

Take a hike, Mr. Bell.

Sit down, Wright brothers.

There's a group of new inventors in town, and they've created something that the world really needs.

Pizza ice cream!

The folks at Little Baby's Ice Cream in Philadelphia have found a way to mix two of America's favorite treats into one spectacular concoction.

The pizza ice cream is made with tomato, oregano, salt, basic and garlic.

SI.com notes that Little Baby's is well known for their creative flavors, including Irish Potato, Rye Bread Cheesecake, Maryland Bar-B-Que, and Olive Oil Rosemary Lemon.

So if you're looking for a full meal in a dessert, forget about Willy Wonka, you need to head to the City of Brotherly Love.