Crispy Chicken Torta


Crispy Chicken Torta

4 mini baguettes baked until golden and crispy

1 cup prepared black beans

4 boneless, skinless chicken tenders

2 eggs, whisked 

1 cup all-purpose flour

1½ cups panko breadcrumbs

¼ cup safflower, peanut or canola oil

Kosher salt

shredded iceberg lettuce, if desired

sliced tomato, if desired

1 avocado

½ cup mayonnaise


Heat the oil in a sauté pan large enough for the 4 chicken tenders to fit comfortably.  Dredge the chicken in the flour then dip in egg, finally dredge in the panko breadcrumbs pressing lightly to adhere the panko to the chicken and to flatten it out a little bit.  Carefully place the chicken into the hot oil for 2-3 minutes on each side OR until golden brown.  Remove and drain on paper towels.  Season with salt while warm.


Dice the avocado into small pieces and mix it together with the mayonnaise, smashing the avocado to blend the two together.


To build the sandwiches, open the baguette and spread a layer of black beans on one side.  On the other side spread a layer of avocado-mayonnaise.  Add 1-2 chicken tenders on top of the black beans and shredded lettuce or tomato, if desired.  Close the sandwich.