Town holds vigil after beloved Taco Bell burns to the ground

This is nacho average vigil

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A community in Montgomery, Alabama, came together last week to honor a Taco Bell that caught fire and collapsed, and they actually hosted a candlelight vigil in its honor -- and we need to taco 'bout it. 

What started out as a joke Facebook event turned into an actual candlelight vigil for the Taco Bell on Zelda Road in Montgomery, and about 100 people showed up to pay their respects to the fast-food joint that pumped out cheesy chalupas and burritos to devoted customers.

The Facebook event was created by Kate James, whose roommate was super sad after learning about the fire, according to the Montgomery Advertiser. 

“I said, ‘We should hold a memorial for it.’ He said, ‘Oh my gosh, we should do a candlelight vigil.’ And then he moved on about his life, and didn’t think nothing about it,” James told the newspaper. 

“I, in about 10 minutes after that conversation, made a Facebook event, and titled it ‘Candle light vigil for Taco Bell,’” she added.

The Facebook event asked diehard customers of the Taco Bell to "never forget the okay customer service and long wait line for the oh-so-delightful baja blasts and $5 quesadilla box."

The actual vigil could not happen at the burned down Taco Bell site because it's an active fire and crime scene, so people gathered at the Arby's across the street with candles galore to pay tribute to one of the greatest fast-food chains ever. 

Thankfully, the owners of the Taco Bell plan to rebuild the beloved fast food joint, and they were very grateful for the vigil. 

“We are overwhelmed by the displays of support,” the owners told WSFA. “We are extremely thankful that no one was harmed early Wednesday morning when the store burned and that no firefighters were injured as they battled the flames in single-digit temperatures.”

People from all over the country commented on the discussion page of the Facebook event to share their condolences for the restaurant, and some of the comments were pretty hilarious, even if they were being completely serious. 

"Nashville is with you in spirit. Long live Taco Bell," one person wrote. 

"Wish I could be there. I attempted to have a floral arrangement sent, but it would have gotten there too late. Sending love from Southern California!" said another. 

And the best comment goes to this person, who said, "Should have been on the 23rd so it could have been on taco Tuesday…”

Now, who is hungry for a crunchwrap supreme? 

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