These are the best Florida cities for outdoor dining this fall

Orlando has been ranked as one of the best outdoor dining cities. (Courtesy of Holidu)

Gone are the hot and muggy nights of late August and early September, because “fall,” (a one-degree dip in temperature), is upon us in Florida, which means one thing — outdoor dining season is about to begin.

Just in time for this season to begin, Holidu has conducted study to determine which Florida cities offer the best outdoor dining options.

According to their study, Orlando is the best-rated city in Florida for outdoor dining, scoring a solid 10 out of 10 points.

A dish by the Italian restaurant, Prato, in the city of Winter Park, Orlando, Florida. (Courtesy of Nicole Lopez-Alvar)

“Orlando is not only busy during the summer, but thanks to the gorgeous Florida weather, it is an attractive destination all year long,” says the website. “Coming in at a little over 670 outdoor dining establishments, and an average rating of 4.32 stars on Google, it is no wonder this city ranked at the top of our list as the most outdoor dining friendly city in Florida this year.”

However, Orlando isn’t the only popular city to make the top 10 cities in their list.

Following Orlando in their ranking came Miami at No. 2, Tampa at No. 3, Jacksonville at No. 4, Fort Lauderdale at No. 5, and Miami Beach at No. 6. Boca Raton came in at No. 9 on their list.

Therefore, four of the top cities for outdoor dining in Florida are located in South Florida — but it didn’t take a study for true South Florida residents to know this. It’s beautiful in South Florida year-round.

For their complete list of “Best cities for outdoor dining,” click here.