Affordable Care Act navigators to work out of Broward County offices

Navigators can help people find policies under 'Obamacare'

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. – Health care reform advisors working under the Affordable Care Act (ACA) will be able to work out of Florida Department of Health offices in Broward County.

On Tuesday, Broward Commissioner Chip LaMarca argued against allowing the navigators to use those offices, but other commissioners said it made sense.

"The bottom line is, I think this is the wrong tack to do this," said LaMarca, the lone Republican on the commission.

"For me, it's a no brainer," said Commissioner Martin Kiar. "It's not a cost to the county, and it's something that helps our residents. Unfortunately, we have a governor who, once again, is putting his own politics and political ideology over what is in the best interest of the people of Florida. He's putting politics over policy."

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Gov. Rick Scott ordered State Department of Health offices not to host the navigators.

"What we're trying to accomplish here is providing to the citizens of Broward County information so that our citizens can make an informed decision," said Commissioner Tim Ryan.

Commissioners voted 8-1 to let the navigators into county-owned health officers that are leased to the state.

"People go to these departments of health to get their health care so that they can stay health," said Mayor Kristin Jacobs. "It's a logical place for us to be able to share information with them, to answer questions about the ACA."

"The Affordable Care Act is difficult, it's complex, but it has some very good parts to it, and all this really does is allow folks who need to enroll in Obamacare, it gives them to opportunity to get information. That's what the navigators do," added Kiar.

The navigators will begin working in those seven offices starting Oct. 1.