Study: Smartphone use could cause kids to go cross-eyed

Medical study finds link between phone overuse and eye condition


SOUTH KOREA – Yet another reason to keep your children from overusing smartphone and tablet devices.

A new study claims to show a link between mobile device overuse and children becoming cross-eyed.

The Telegraph reports the study, conducted by the Chonnam National University Hospital in Seoul, South Korea, found that doctors determined the connection after examining 12 children who used their phones from 4-8 hours a day.

The overuse caused convergent strabismus, the condition that causes a patient's eyes to move inwards until they eventually become cross-eyed.

According to the Telegraph, doctors claim that children hold their devices between 8 and 12 inches from their faces.

The good news is that the condition was reversed in most of the children after they were banned from using their smartphones and tablets for two months.