Perfumes to help keep Zika virus mosquitoes away

2-in-1 fragrances serve as accessory to repellents


MIAMI – With health officials warning one of Miami's favorite neighborhoods turned into a Zika zone, some art lovers were wearing fashionista-friendly scents to help keep mosquitoes away. 

Wearing the wrong fragrance can be risky. Scientists have used synthetic and natural floral scents to lure mosquitos into traps.

These seven scents could be part of your arsenal, but should not be your only defense:

Les Nuits D'Hadrien by Annick Goutal, $149, is a citrus scent. 

610 Water Spray by I Hate Perfume Outside, $65, contains lavender, geranium, patchouli, cedar wood, bergamot and oregano.  It's on the Elle's list of "6 bug sprays that don't smell like chemicals."

Aromaflage claims their products work as well as 25 percent of DEET over 2.5 hours. There are three scents: The original Aromaflage, $65, has notes of vanilla, warm cedar wood and exotic orange. Wild, $65, has notes of cardamom, cedar wood and spruce and also contains citronellol and geranium and lemon grass oil.  Sleep, $65, has notes of lavender, rose and vanilla.  

Victoria's Secret Bombshell, $52, is a mystery. A study showed mosquitoes dislike it, but scientists don't know what the perfume's real ingredients are. 

Mrs. Whites UnStung Hero Ani-Mosquito Eau de Cologne, $38, has a lemon tea scent and contains citronellal and geraniol.  The maker claims it protects for up to four hours. 

Smart Armor Bug Repellent, $31, has oil of lemon eucalyptus, an oil the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommends.

Coqui Coqui Citger, $12 to $18, has a citrus scent and contains citronella and geranium. 

The CDC recommends only four repellents: DEET, picaridin, IR3535 and oil of lemon eucalyptus. Health officials say products not including these ingredients should not be used as the only mosquito deterrent. 


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