Continued aerial spraying believed to have reduced Zika-virus-infected mosquitoes in Wynwood area

Wynwood Yard reopens for business

MIAMI – Wednesday marked round three of larvicide spraying over the Wynwood area and surrounding neighborhood in an effort to rid the area of Zika virus-carrying mosquitoes.

"Maybe, sometimes, I am afraid of this information, but I try to be optimistic," Adeil Asknrova, who is pregnant, said.

The expecting mom, who is due in two weeks, was in Wynwood Wednesday to take photos. She said she was not wearing bug repellent.

A travel warning remains in effect for the area, although Miami-Dade County Mayor Carlos Gimenez said Tuesday that he is hopeful it will be lifted within 45 days.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention warning has an emphasis on pregnant women, advising them to stay away from Wynwood, where the count of those infected is up to 21 people.

The owner of the Wynwood Yard, an outdoor business that hosts food trucks and the like, took it upon herself to shut down her business Aug. 2, although it is reopening for business Wednesday.

She said dozens of employees have been tested for the Zika virus, and so far, one person has tested positive.

Still, the mayor said the aerial spraying is working, knocking down the population of mosquitoes carrying the virus by 97 percent.

"The CDC said in a statement, in Miami-Dade, you're more likely to get killed in a car wreck than get Zika," Bill Talbert, chair of the Convention & Visitors Bureau, said.