'Zika zone' in Wynwood shrinks as new non-travel-related case reported in Pinellas County

Wynwood Zika zone cover about half-square mile

MIAMI – The "Zika zone" in Wynwood has shrunk as aerial larvicide spraying has decreased the amount of Zika virus-infected mosquitoes in the area, but new locally acquired cases in Florida at still being reported.

According to Gov. Rick Scott's office, a case of non-travel-related Zika has been found in Pinellas County.

Health officials said they are investigating where that case originated from and said they have already started aggressive spraying.

During a roundtable discussion Tuesday in Clearwater, Scott said four new cases were connected to Miami's Wynwood area and the fifth case was diagnosed in the Tampa Bay area. He said the individual had not traveled internationally.

"We've allocated $26.2 million of the state budget to date to the Department of Health, and they have allocated dollars around the state based on what the needs are in each county, so if there are local needs, we will work with them," Scott said.

Meanwhile, the Zika zone in Wynwood shrunk Tuesday to about a half a square mile. In total, health officials have shrunk the Zika zone down by 76 blocks.

Still the governor said four new cases in the area have been reported, but sources told Local 10 News that these are likely old cases from earlier this month, that just recently got confirmed.

Some business leaders in Wynwood told Local 10 News reporter Derek Shore that they are happy that officials have shrunk the Zika zone, but think that there shouldn't be a Zika zone at all and that officials should be focusing on all of Miami-Dade County.

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