Lawmaker learns to walk again after gym injury, feels grateful

State Rep. Shevrin Jones' goal to walk into Capitol building

BROWARD COUNTY, Fla. – As a lawmaker in Tallahassee, State Rep. Shevrin Jones is used to fighting for people in his southeast Broward community.

But few ever knew the politician ever went through a personal battle of his own.

"I was at the gym, and it was a freak accident,” Jones said. "I was doing something that I usually do all the time at the gym, and I felt something, and I knew something was wrong."

That night, pain and paralysis landed the 33-year-old man into the emergency room.

"The doctor said you need to be admitted, because you've ruptured your L3 and L4 of your spinal cord," Jones said.

The news meant an emergency surgery for Jones and uncertainty from doctors on whether he'd ever walk again.  

"I had those days in the hospital,  when everyone else went home, and I was sitting in the hospital by myself, and depression hit me," Jones said.  

Jones said he believed in his recovery.

Weeks after his mid-October injury, Jones took his first steps during physical therapy.

"Looking at where I started at and looking at me today, I'm just thankful that I'm here, and I'm able to walk again," Jones said. "That's what I'm most grateful for."

He's also grateful for his close family and friends and that his road to recovery no longer relies on a wheelchair or walker, just a cane.

Even though Jone's accident involved lifting weights-- he says he can’t wait to get back into the gym.

His focus now is on  walking through the doors of the State Capitol the first week of December.

"I knew for a fact I was going to fight this," Jones said. "I knew for a fact I was a warrior and be able to walk again and to those who doubt it-- listen I'm here and I'm ready to serve."


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