Plastic surgery for better selfies on the rise

(Daniel Munoz / Getty Images)

MIAMI – The desire for the perfect selfie has been a boon for the plastic surgery business.

Thanks to the social media platforms that place a higher value on style over substance, surgeons say they've never had it better.

According to the New York Post, over 40% of surgeons say patients said they would go under the knife to solely look better in selfies on social media.

Those numbers are from a survey commissioned by the American Academy of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery.

“People see pictures of themselves fairly routinely on Facebook,” said Fred Fedok, a plastic surgeon, and president of the academy.

For the amount of time some people spend on Facebook, Snapchat and Instagram, looking bad is not an option, that's why they turn to alternative means.

It's not just the number of surgeries that have increased, but the types of procedures that have shifted. The report claims 66% of facial plastic surgeons say that lip fillers are now the most common work being done.

Not surprisingly, as selfies usually feature just the face, breast augmentation procedures decreased by 2% in 2015.