DIY charcoal masks may cause permanent skin damage


MIAMI – Those looking for a shortcut to immortal beauty may instead be doing permanent damage to their bodies.

Many log-on to YouTube to watch videos for Do-It-Yourself charcoal mask facials in the hopes of keeping a youthful glow.

However, the effects of these treatments can do the complete opposite.

WFTS reports that in some cases, homemade charcoal masks include mixing foreign charcoal powder and glue, and sometimes super glue.

Doctors say putting a concoction like that on your face can peel valuable layers of skin off the face, leading to scarring and infection.

"It might be dangerous if you like all three layers of your skin," Dr. Seth Forman told the station.

While often used safely to treat bad reactions to drugs, charcoal can do irreparable damage to skin.

Dr. Forman says there are plenty of FDA-regulated treatments that are safe.