Need a midday rest? Head to a nap studio for a quick snooze


MIAMI – Mix a little George Constanza in with the devious desire to catch a few zzzzz's during the work day and you have the makings of a dream business.

Nap studios are now apparently a "thing" and an antidote for those looking weary in between meetings, conference calls and that annoying coworker who insists on letting you know what he's into now.

The first Peace Power Napping studio is now open in the heart of the downtown Chicago, promising customers the chance to take a convenient, restorative power nap.

Users can simply book a nap session on the app, show up, lay down and grab 30 minutes of sleep. It's that easy.

According to the company, adults not getting enough sleep costs businesses an estimated $63 billion in lost workplace productivity.

"Sleep isn't a luxury, it's the foundation on which every aspect of our being rests upon. Our physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual wellness, our ability to be actively engaged in our work and our relationships, and our likelihood to fulfill our life's true potential is all contingent upon how rested we are. Simply put, we can only get out as much as we put in," says Peace Power Napping founder Jennifer Thomas.