Eyebrow 'microblading' nightmare: Treatment left woman in hospital for 3 days


DETROIT – Eyebrow microblading is one of the hottest new beauty trends, as women show off their perfect brows on social media.

Microblading involves a hand tool with tiny needles to make shallow little cuts on the skin. Then the pigment seeps in, giving you semi-permanent results.

But one woman says she experienced increased swelling, pain and redness after a recent procedure, according to WDIV. She says she went to an urgent care facility, where a doctor diagnosed her with cellulitis, and gave her antibiotics.

When the situation kept getting worse, she decided to head to the emergency room, where they later admitted her to the hospital for three days after her face began to swell.

Dr. Stephen Grekin is a dermatologist. He says this type of reaction is extremely dangerous.

"This is potentially life-threatening if not treated, because what's right behind here, sinuses. What do the sinuses communicate? Boom: they go right to the brain," Grekin said.

Still, Dr. Grekin doesn't expect her to have long-term problems.

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