Mother dies shortly after giving birth, leaving behind three daughters and newborn


FRESNO, Calif. – A California woman died minutes after giving birth to her fourth child due to heart failure.

Charlene Flores of Fresno had called her husband when the pain of contractions became too much for her to bear, KFSN reports.

When Flores and her husband Elesandro arrived at hospital, doctors told her she was bleeding internally and needed an emergency C-section to save the baby.

Although Charlene had a history of heart problems, the couple agreed to the high-risk procedure.

After giving birth, doctors told Elesandro that the baby was being "worked on," and that Charlene was asleep. But seconds later, a code blue was called and a nurse grabbed the doctors to return to the room.

"20 minutes later the rest of the doctors and nurses flow in the room and tell me that my wife didn't make it but my daughter's in an incubator getting her treatment." said Elesandro.

Charlene was 27-years-old and leaves behind four daughters, including Quinn, the newborn baby. As she was born prematurely, Quinn will remain in the hospital's NICU for at least another month.

The family has set up a GoFundMe account to help with funeral expenses.