Napping is good for your health, world nods in agreement


MIAMI – Next time someone bugs you about taking a midday nap, make sure they know you're only doing it for your health.

While frowned upon by those who haven't experienced the joy of a nap, the practice of nap-taking is actually a good thing for adults.

WDIV reports a new study from Greece showed that napping has a positive effect on blood pressure. It found that 212 people with an average age of 62, and who take midday naps, had a 5-and-a-half point drop in their systolic blood pressure.

On top of that, another study showed that those who napped three times a week had a 37 percent lower chance of dying from heart disease.

Studies have shown that naps help increase mental sharpness and productivity, but only when they're of short length. Experts claim naps should not last longer than 10 or 20 minutes, and not be taken later in the day.