From Russia with love; South Florida baby continues journey to treat disfiguring condition

Little girl's skin condition requires treatments in Russia
Little girl's skin condition requires treatments in Russia

POMPANO BEACH, Fla. – It was early February 2020 when Carolina Fenner and her baby girl Luna headed back to Russia for a second series of treatments to remove a Gigantic Melanocytic Nevus, a black leathery skin condition that covered most of little Luna’s face.

”We thought we would do the 3 month Visa period we had, but then there was the Coronavirus,” said Fenner.

Instead of returning to South Florida in May, mom and baby were stuck in Russia until July, extending that planned three month visit.

”It was like almost six months inside an apartment with her so it’s a lot, " Fenner said.

Complicating the situation, the effort to remove the growth from Luna’s face using laser technology hit a stumbling block when the little girl began to develop keloids.

”So we had to spend 3 months taking care of the keloids and not taking the Nevus out,” said Fenner. “So they needed to stop everything and treat them.”

Fenner faced her own personal struggles including a back infection and a bout with depression.

”I started taking medicine not because of her but it’s everything, it’s on me, there in Russia,” Fenner said. “I’m much better but I just need help there. I can’t be alone with her so much.”

When Fenner and little Luna head back to Russia in September, a family member will be joining them for support.

Even though there’s been a setback in Luna’s treatment, Fenner is glad she chose this option for Luna.

”After the surgeries she’s like laughing, like in two hours she’s laughing so, oh, I love her,” said Fenner. Because of the complications from the keloids completing Luna’s treatments in Russia will take longer than originally planned.

Fenner is hoping the procedures will be completed by the summer of 2021.

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