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Researchers examine new approach to convalescent plasma as coronavirus treatment

University of Miami testing convalescent plasma for early COVID-19 patients
University of Miami testing convalescent plasma for early COVID-19 patients

MIAMI – The University of Miami is teaming up with researchers at John Hopkins on a nationwide clinical trial into the use of convalescent plasma in the early stages of a COVID-19 infection as a potential outpatient preventive treatment.

The first of its kind study will focus on people newly diagnosed with COVID-19 who are at home and not sick enough to be hospitalized or those exposed to a COVID-positive person and not yet showing any symptoms.

“John Hopkins led convalescent plasma trials for prophylaxis or prevention to figure out if it’s given early enough after someone is exposed would it prevent the person from getting COVID or potentially decrease their symptoms,” said Dr. Shweta Anjan with the Division of infectious diseases at the University of Miami’s Miller School of Medicine.

There are currently 21 active sites participating in this study which can be found at CovidPlasmaTrial.org or by calling 888-506-1199.

And amid concerns about the pandemic, doctors are seeing more cases of people complaining about fatigue and nausea, which can be common signs of anxiety and stress, which are not unusual in these times.

However, both can also be signs of more serious underlying medical conditions including thyroid problems, epilepsy, concussion, multiple sclerosis, kidney disease, and even possibly a brain tumor.

People should seek a medical assessment if nausea and fatigue become severe and persistent.

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