Man grateful that surgical procedure available for advanced abdominal cancer

HOLLYWOOD, Fla. – An estimated 1.8 million Americans were diagnosed with cancer in 2020, many facing the disease in an advanced stage.

That’s what happened to Eddie Thornton in the summer of 2019.

He had turned 50 that year and went in for a routine colonoscopy.

Thornton was stunned to hear that he had colon cancer.

“That took me for a loop. I called my fiancé and cried and screamed,” he said.

Adding to his anguish was hearing that the disease had spread to his abdominal lining.

“As a whole, the disease is called peritoneal surface malignancy which is a general term for several differ tumors that have the predisposition to spread to the lining of the abdominal cavity,” said Dr. Omar Llaguna, a surgical oncologist with Memorial Healthcare.

After evaluating Thorton’s case, Llaguna felt he would bea good candidate for surgery to remove the tumors along with a procedure called Hyperthermic Intraperitoneal Chemoperfusion or HIPEC.

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