Study shows success in double lung transplant for severe COVID-19

GAINESVILLE, Fla. – The University of Florida-Shands lung transplant team, in collaboration with researchers around the world, has found that double lung transplantation can benefit certain patients with severe respiratory problems as a result of COVID-19.

The historic multi-institutional study focused on the potential outcomes for patients whose lungs never recovered from COVID, even though the rest of their organs were still functioning.

“We’re talking about talking about two three four five six months out into respiratory failure with no recovery and now signs of advanced pulmonary disease so we did not even know if it was possible to offer a transplant for these patients, we didn’t know if there was a possibility so this is where this study brings light showing that yes it’s possible and the early outcomes are favorable,” said Dr. Tiago Machua, Director of the Lung Transplant Program at UF-Shands Hospital.

The study reviewed information from 12 double lung transplants performed in four countries, including the United States, Austria, Italy and India.

Studying double-shot vaccines

And the National National Institutes of Health is beginning a study into potential systemic reactions to the double-shot vaccines.

The focus of the clinical trial involves people who are highly allergic to other agents, or have mast cell disorder, a disease caused by a type of white blood cell that is abnormal.

The randomized trial will enroll 3,400 adults between the ages of 18-to 69 at 35 academic allergy research centers nationwide.

For more information about the trial, including a list of sites that are enrolling participants, click here.

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