Improved technology takes aim at damage sun does to skin

MIAMI BEACH, Fla. – In a world where many are concerned about appearances and looking youthful, it’s important to realize that 90% of the visible skin changes attributed to aging are caused by the sun.

Proper protection is the best defense, but there are also ways to reverse some of that damage.

The opportunity interested Gale Gottlieb who has always embraced an active outdoor life.

“I’m very sporty, I love to do a lot of everything and anything that’s outside,” she said.

But what Gottleib didn’t love was what it was doing to her skin over the years.

“Crepiness there was a little bit of that, but the brown spots were intense,” she said.

Dermatologist Dr. Martin Zaiac was able to offer Gottleib a new twist on a long standing technology that uses intense pulse light therapy in a broader beam to target larger areas of the body including the arms, legs, chest and back.

“The most amazing feature in this new device is what we call ‘The Hero’ which is like a rapid scanning device so we can essentially do the entire body in minutes,” he said.

Zaiac said the BBL-Hero can address sun spots, redness, dullness, discoloration and even unwanted hair and cover entire body in under an hour with little or no prep needed.

“There’s a little bit of heat, but it moves so quickly you don’t even notice it,” Zaiac said.

The device does include a wavelength option for darker skin tones, but it’s recommended for those with light to medium complexions.

After just one treatment, Gottlieb was impressed with the difference.

“I was shocked never having had laser and the first thing that happens is you feel like you have a sunburn. In about two days you feel like you have this intense tan, then you begin to peel and it all is happening so quickly and the result is unbelievable,” she said.

While some patients see improvement after just one treatment most will need three to five sessions spaced 6-to-12 weeks apart for best results.

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