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South Florida organization helps at-risk children from birth through adulthood

Broward organization that helps at-risk children may expand
Broward organization that helps at-risk children may expand

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. – A Broward County-based organization that focuses on helping at-risk children and their families may soon be expanding.

The Children’s Diagnostic and Treatment Center was started more 30 years ago to help children with special needs from birth in the neonatal intensive care unit well into their late teens and even beyond.

“Our job is really to take care of the kids but also the families giving them the tools and the strategies because at the end of the day none of the health care providers go home with the kids so it’s really our job is to teach them and make them the best they can be for their kids,” said Dr. Maria Barrueco, with CDTC.

While children officially move on from the center at the age of 18, specialists there continue to guide them and their families with a continuum of care.

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Veteran journalist Kathleen Corso is the special projects producer for Local 10 News.