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Drug is a promising new option for early stage breast cancer patients

WESTON, Fla. – A longstanding drug used in late stage breast cancer is now approved for use in early stage cancer for certain patients.

Dr. Zeina Nahleh, an oncologist with Cleveland Clinic Weston, said it’s the first advance in 20 years for patients with hormone receptor positive and HER2 early breast cancer who have a high risk of the cancer recurring.

”This particular drug called abemaciclib is a special targeted agent that goes after a protein in the body that will help tumor divide and grow so this particular biological agent goes after the proteins to prevent the cancer from growing,” she said.

Nahleh said 70 percent of all breast cancers are hormone receptor positive and HER2 subtypes.

A recent study is showing that a commonly used and inexpensive antidepressant may help fight COVID-19.

Researchers found that patients who received fluvoxamine were less likely to be hospitalized than those who didn’t.

Researchers aren’t exactly sure how it works but it may be due to the drugs anti-inflammatory properties.

New Implant Rules

The FDA has issued new rules restricting the sale and distribution of breast implants to only health care providers and facilities that provide an approved patient checklist about the risks and benefits of implants.

Product labeling must now include a boxed warning informing patients of the risk of implants, including the potential for rupture.

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