Women lag in heart disease awareness

MIRAMAR, Fla. – February marks the start of American Heart Month and a recent poll found women especially don’t understand their risk.

According to the report, 45 percent of all women with doctors said they rarely or never discussed their heart health during visits over the last three years.

While the risk factors between men and women are similar the symptoms of a heart attack are not necessarily the same.

“The difference between women and men is that women may not have that crushing chest pain. They may have back pain, they may have stomach upset, they may feel like they have heartburn when in reality it could be a heart attack,” said Bianca Perez, a Nurse Practitioner with CVS MinuteClinic.

All this month, local CVS MinuteClinic providers will be offering no-cost heart screenings for both women and men.

A study released today found that pregnancy-associated deaths increased by 35 percent during the pandemic.

Researchers found increases in pregnancy-associated drug-related deaths and homicide compared with 2018 and 2019.

The findings, published in JAMA Open Network, suggest a need for prevention and intervention efforts, including harm reduction strategies, tailored to pregnant and postpartum women, particularly during times of stress and decreased use of preventive care, such as during a pandemic.

And new research is adding to growing evidence that many students in the U.S. and across the globe suffered significant setbacks in their learning progress during the covid-19 pandemic.

When classrooms were emptied and students turned to online learning a study published in the journal, natural human behavior found students had about a 35 percent learning loss compared to a normal year and never fully recovered.

To catch up, some of the researchers suggest after-school programs, summer programs, lengthening the school day and potentially online or learning apps as well.

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