Experts explain differences in brain tumors

MIAMI – June 8, 2023 is designated Brain Tumor Awareness Day, which experts hope will provide an opportunity for people to better understand the differences in types of brain tumors and what the diagnosis really means.

Dr. Gunjan Goel, Medical Director for HCA Florida Neurosurgical Specialists, said that while brain tumors can be malignant, meaning cancerous, 30 percent are benign.

“And out of those 30 percent that are benign not all of them require surgical treatment. The treatment could be observation, or it could be radiation,” she said.

Goel said the decision on whether or not to intervene depends on the age of the patient along with the size and location of the tumor.

Meningiomas, the most common form of benign brain tumor, are typically found in older, post-menopausal women.

In other health news, if you suffer from insomnia, a study found that you might be at greater risk for stroke.

Using data from the Health and Retirement Study, researchers built on previous findings that showed somewhat mixed results regarding stroke and sleep disorders, like sleep apnea.

This cohort study found an association between other issues, such as duration of sleep, and stroke risk.

Additional research has shown that difficulties in falling and staying asleep can also impact stroke risk.

The findings suggest that younger adults in particular need to manage insomnia to reduce their long-term risk of stroke.

And on the subject of sleep disorders, a study found that early birds with sleep apnea tended to use their C-Pap devices for longer periods each night.

The study found that people who prefer to get to bed early and be active in the morning got 32 minutes more sleep per night that those who stayed up and woke up later.

Researchers said understanding and improving C-Pap use can have tremendous health benefits and opens the door for future research.

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