Cops post warnings about Zika virus in meth

Police department offers free Zika tests for drugs

By Jeff Tavss - Executive Producer

BATH, Mich. - The Zika virus is actually up to some good.

A police department is using the threat of the virus to help stop drug abuse among its residents.

The Bath Police Department in Michigan posted a warning to its Facebook account alerting citizens of "breaking news" that meth possibly contains the Zika virus.

The department generously added that anyone who had recently purchased meth could bring the drugs to the station and the police would test it for the virus.

The post also urged everyone to "Please SHARE so everyone knows" and that safety is their #1 priority.

Here's some breaking news: There is no link between Zika and meth.

While most followers got the joke, others were not so kind.

"You have got to be kidding me!" exclaimed one Facebook follower. "If they are stupid enough to be using it, let them pay the consequences. Use the tax dollars for more important things."

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