Bar leaves note offering free meal for customers who don't drink and drive


GERING, Neb. – With Memorial Day being a popular holiday for drinking, it's also a scary time to be on the roads as many put lives at risk by deciding to drink and drive.

However, one bar has made it policy to reward customers for not driving after partaking in alcohol.

The Union Bar and Grill in Gering (Neb.) has been known to leave notes on the windshields of owners who left their vehicles at the restaurant and finding other ways to get home.

Janelle Martin shared one such note last year on her Facebook page.

After spending time at The Union, Martin and her husband chose to avoid getting behind the wheel and left the car in the parking lot.

When the couple returned the next day, they found the note inviting them to return for a free burger and fries for being so responsible.

More bars should take note from Scott and Carla Swanson. Austin met a friend at the bar last night so he left his truck...

Posted by Janelle Marie on Sunday, March 18, 2018

“It’s a $7 burger, and if it keeps someone out of jail or keeps someone from killing someone, it’s damn well worth it,” said owner Scott Swanson to the Omaha World-Herald.