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Miami plastic surgeon uses 'designer' wife as 'in-house model' for his handiwork

Dr. Phillip Craft proud to 'fine tune' wife to 'perfection'

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MIAMI – A Miami plastic surgeon used his own skills to fine tune-tune his wife into what he calls "perfection."

The Daily Mail reports that Phillip Craft tells potential clients to take at look at his wife Anna to see how good he is with the knife.

Dr. Craft, who owns his own practice in the Brickell area of Miami, had always offered his services to Anna during their 21-year marriage, but she consistently turned him down.

That was until after the birth of the couple's two sons.

"Phillip loves redesigning his sports cars, our furniture and, most of all, me," Anna told the Daily Mail. "After having two kids, I decided to let him fine-tune me."

Since then, Anna, 43, has reportedly undergone breast enhancement, liposuction, butt enhancement, body-contouring surgery, waist and abdominal sculpting, Botox, cheek and lift fillers.

Anna, who runs her husband's medical practice, says plastic surgery is "just like getting braces or having your hair done."

"I'm so proud to be called his designer wife," Anna added.

Anna follows a healthy diet encouraged by her husband to keep her body to their liking.